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Coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis can be extremely difficult, both for the person diagnosed and for their loved ones. Such a diagnosis can bring feelings of shock, anxiety, immense sadness, and fear. For many, the thought of dying conjures up frightening images of suffering. Many of these images come from the unfortunate way that dying is portrayed in the media. Television shows and movies tend to sensationalize death, with actors theatrically exaggerating their pain and suffering before their ultimate demise. It makes for an intense viewer experience—but “good television” and reality are rarely the same thing.

The truth is, the end-of-life transition is peaceful for many people. We are fortunate to live in a time where modern medicine can alleviate much of the pain and discomfort of transitioning from this world. If we remove, then, our fears or concerns of pain and suffering as the end of life approaches, we can focus more clearly on preparing for the months, weeks, or days ahead. We can address our personal preparations: how to come to terms with death; how to put our affairs in order (relationships, spiritual connections, material concerns); and how to experience the most peaceful transition possible. For an End-of-life Doula (EOLD), helping to make each day the fullest it can be for the care recipient is equally important.

At Gentle Guidings, we see our care recipients as people – not patients. We strive to honor each individual’s life story, bringing to the forefront the experiences, feelings, and expressions that are uniquely theirs as we assist them in preparing for their end-of-life journey.

It is our belief the end-of-life journey should be treated as a sacred event; an all-encompassing, deeply personal recognition of the individual and their life. Every aspect of our supportive services is specifically tailored toward meeting the wishes and desires of our care recipients and their loved ones. We make every effort to surround our clients in the most peaceful, calm environment possible as we help to navigate them through worries, doubts, fears, and concerns – and gently guide them to a place of acceptance and preparedness.

Whether it is you who is dealing with a terminal prognosis, or a family member or loved one, seeking out support and guidance can help you deal with intense emotions and make clear, well-informed decisions. You may feel isolated and alone as you face the days ahead. Doubts, fears, and uncertainties may resurface again and again. Caregivers may feel daunted as they navigate the seemingly endless and often changing responsibilities and demands placed on them. Being a caregiver can be emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. There will be times when any caregiver would benefit from outside help.

The Gentle Guidings End-of-life Doula is specifically trained and experienced in assisting and supporting care recipients, their caretakers, and loved ones during this challenging time of life. To learn more about the types of assistance an End-of-life Doula can offer, please visit the sections linked below. Or, reach out and contact Gentle Guidings with your questions or concerns using the methods provided on our Contact Page.

What is an End-of-life Doula?

Many are unfamiliar with the term doula. Some are perhaps better acquainted with birth doulas – professionals who serve expectant mothers. In either case, a doula offers patients and their loved ones guidance, care, and support.

About Christi Fae Lynn

Choosing the right End-of life Doula is an important decision. First and foremost, you want to make certain your doula has the proper credentials and is well experienced in their practice. Christi more than meets these expectations as a certified EOLD.

Services Offered

Gentle Guidings offers care recipients and their families several options for the services we provide. This enables us to tailor our services to the needs of each individual and their families. We also offer in-home consultations at no charge.